We listen to our clients.  In recent years, what have they been telling us?  They continue to clearly state that they want “true independent and unbiased design consulting PLUS product choice and quality installation that meet design intent.” 

In the traditional design/bid/build world, the problem is absence of total single-party “ownership” of the whole process – from design through implementation.  Clients have both consultants and contractors to deal with; no one “owns” the entire process other than the client.

In the traditional design/build world, there is single-party “ownership” of the entire process.  However, clients typically have little to no input into system design, product choice and contractor selection.

So, how can a client get a better experience and result from either design/bid/build or design/build project?  We believe our concept of a Technology General Contractor (GC) can effectively address/resolve the problems associated with both traditional project approaches.  PLANNET will provide the unparalleled consulting that has made it a leading go-to technology consultant throughout the country for the past 18+ years, plus take on total project implementation – all under a single PLANNET contract similar to how a traditional GC would handle a construction project.

In private-sector environments, clients often struggle with continuity between consultant design intent and the actual work performed by selected contractors/integrators.  Clients often ask us: “Since you know our organization and our needs better than any selected contractor will, why can’t you do the actual systems implementation?  Historically we have said “no, we only do design consulting, not implementations”.  However, with the encouragement of clients, in recent years we have selectively agreed to take on total ownership of technology design AND implementations.  The results have been exceptionally positive.  The continuity gained with total ownership of the project has led to more efficient projects, higher level of client satisfaction with results, and lower total project costs – better results with lower risk!  As a result, this part of PLANNET’s business continues to grow at a substantial rate.  Ask us if this hybrid approach might work for you.

Most traditional integrators do not have the ability to provide true unbiased consulting because they are merely looking for opportunities to sell the products they distribute.  That’s where PlanNet is VERY different and provides substantially more benefit to our clients.  PLANNET has been delivering industry leading TRUE INDEPENDENT CONSULTING with no vendor or product bias for over 18-years!  Through our Delivery practice, PLANNET is able to deliver ANY client preferred and needed products and services.

And, what about cost?  With design/build, consulting and delivery are combined, so there is potential cost savings.  But, if client needs are not well understood or the systems best suited for a client’s business and budgets are not designed, selected and installed, what is the long-term cost to client business?  When considering the potential down-side of traditional integrators in design/build situations where the client has little control over what products are implemented, from a risk-management perspective PLANNET’s unique approach is very attractive.  And, by reducing or eliminating design/bid/build bidding and implementation oversight phases, PLANNET’s total costs have proven extremely competitive to traditional integrators.

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